5 things to bring to your Maternity Portrait Session:

From the moment that you find out you're expecting a baby, to planning the baby shower even down to planning your birth…it can be hectic! So hectic that you may forget to book a maternity session or simply don’t even know how to prepare for your session. I’ve put together 5 things you should bring to your maternity portrait session to help you better prepare for your photoshoot.

1. Black, White & Neutral color bra sets

Many maternity photographers have fabrics, robes and gowns that may be a little revealing so make sure you have neutral color bra sets, just in case. These colors go pretty much with any color backdrop or gown you may have.

2. 2-3 wardrobe styles

You can never bring to many looks! Having two - three styles is just enough, you don’t want to overdo it, become sick, hot or tired/aggravated during your portrait session with so many styles and having to constantly change.

3. Something to drink + snack on

I’ve seen it a few times, where moms become dehydrated during their session from changing poses, to changing clothes so make sure to bring you something to drink and snack on if your photographer doesn’t provide it. Make sure you get plenty of rest also before your session.

4. Makeup brushes or pads

As women our skin and appearance change during pregnancy, some women experience dry skin while others experience oily skin. Bring makeup brushes just in case you need to touch up your makeup.

5. A friend, spouse or family member

Every mom deserves to have someone there to support them during their session. Bring someone who you know will not only hype you up but help you get ready, feel even more comfortable and beautiful.

What else should you bring + wear?

Select pieces that are timeless and neutral/monochromatic / (crème, tan, brown, white or black) or any color that goes with your style and/or compliments your skin tone.

  • Appropriate bras & shapewear for each outfit. Don’t forget to bring a strapless bra if needed.

[ Suggestion: Skims ]
  • One pieces (in turtleneck form or any design you'd like).
[ Suggestion: Asos]
  • A gown that's beautiful, bold and formal.
[ Suggestion: Windsor]
  • Tops that you love and a pair of jeans (if you are a jeans wearer).
  • Props, that add a creative touch to your session (you must provide or may request)
  • Any beautiful accessories that you love