Becoming your full potential Mentor Presentation:

I've been working on a lot behind the scene but especially for my photography friends. I get so many messages and questions regarding photography and the business in general, last year I told myself I can't wait to start teaching and I gave myself year 5 to start. But I prayed about it and a week after I was given this vision along with other amazing visions.

I opened up my Mentor Program for photographers to sign up for, within a week it was full with 20 amazing photographers and though the mentor program is for those who have signed up I will be releasing the mentoring presentation to the public in 13 days from this post.

Why I decided to put it together?

When I first started photography I realized how hard it was to find a mentor, considering I was already rejected by the photographers who are based in the same location as me, which is understandable. They all would come together and exchange equipment and help each other out, some would make post in regards to me and make fun of my work, and would say I was copying them or other photographers and I eventually found myself doing them how they were doing me, I took a break from photography and just isolated myself because of the constant harassment, I knew photography wasn't for me. It wasn't until several entrepenuers, photographers and creators from all over the world were reaching out to me . Some was encouraging me to be better than that considering my potential and growth, others were explaining how I inspired them and even celebrating my strength and work. That's when I knew I had to keep pushing. Eventually I came in contact with an amazing photographer out of Douglas, Georgia. @erion_photos on Instagram. He became my mentor, never heard him say anything bad about another photographer, he allows me to call him, he teaches me the ins and out and answers any questions that I have or anything I need help with. That's when I knew that's the kind of photographer I want to be, the one who helps other photographers, they know that they are good at what they do but they want to help others become even better at what they do.

The Presentation Summary

During this presentation I'll be going over helping photographers figure out who they are , where they want to be and how to get there. I will be also discussing:

  • Branding
  • Equipment
  • Pricing

When will you post the full presentation?

The release day is 13 days from today's date on this blog post. I'll be streaming it online on my website, YouTube and Facebook. I'll be working closely with photographers who are in the program to work on our individual goals and needs. Make sure to be on the look out for other amazing learning material by Kamia McWilliams!