creative photographers series

I've been apart of the photography community for a few years now and I've come in contact with so many creative photographers. Knowing that there are so many photographers that are not only like myself but they are just as creative, talented and just as ambitious as I am, I knew I had to start this series! Back in 2018 I did the 'Top 20 Black Male Photographers' you should be following and Dante' was on my list! His work is not only unique but the way he capture others is beyond amazing. This young man has the looks, charm but most of all this guy has the talent and drive it takes to be a Creative & Dope Photographer! So I knew he was going to be the first interview on the series.

location: Columbia, Maryland

his art

"My photography is all about freezing time, and capturing emotion. My goal is to deliver life long images to my clients, and provide the best experience while shooting, and after shooting through my images. I also enjoy doing photo retouching just to see how limitless photos can be."


"What inspired me to get into photography was my father as he was a well known school photographer In the DMV area. I always remember going with him on his shoots and observing how he interacts with children, and adults. What also struck me was the fact that my father took photos of me when I was little and now that I’m grown I always look back and get to see how far I’ve came. "

about him and his business

"I’ve been doing photography for a good 8 years now, and been in business ( Don.visuals ) for 4 years now. I specialize in all types of themes when it comes to photography, but I specifically enjoy doing one on ones so I can devote all my attention to my clients. "

His brand

His brand colors are blue and purple. "that’s why I post blue and purple color themes and hearts. I do blue to represent trust as blue means trust. I choose this because trust is a big thing for me and my clients. I want their trust that I’ll deliver them satisfying images that’ll last with them forever. My other color is purple as purple represents royalty. I believe we all are royal and we should live up to those representations."

accomplishments vs regrets

"My biggest accomplishments when it comes to photography was being able to work with big artists locally, and celebrities around the world. I had the chance to work with a hall of fame nfl player who played for the Chicago bears back in the day, and his name goes by Devin Hester. I also got to work with lil pumps cousin ohtrapstar, and my other friends who’s well known on world star and the entertainment industry who goes by the name of bdave. I’ve worked with a lot more celebrities, and artists as well, and also have a lot more future shoots coming soon with more well known figures. My biggest regret with photography was not having my camera with me 24/7 as I could’ve had much more content with notorious figures I’ve came across daily. "

@thatdudedante_ on Instagram @don.visuals



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