I've been apart of the photography community for a few years now and I've come in contact with so many creative photographers. Knowing that there are so many photographers that are not only like myself but they are just as creative, talented and just as ambitious as I am, I knew I had to start this series! When I first put out my first mentoring presentation I came in contact with the beautiful photographer, Tamia 'Mia' Howard. Her work is beautiful and her spirit is even more beautiful! She has so much ambition and drive when it comes to her business and her Photography so I knew I had to do a blog post with one of my favorite photographers!

LOCATION: Lincoln,ALabama

her ART

"My photography has grown so much and the business itself has grown also, without God I don't know where I would be , he has truly blessed my business. Being that I am a young photographer and I'm still learning I'm grateful for the gift and starting young. My business is about making memories that'll last a lifetime and just putting a smile on people's face , Photography has truly brought out the best in me and I'm so grateful for that. "


"I was inspired to start photography in many ways, one was that my family had two photographers and i always enjoyed seeing them take pictures and seeing them inspired me to start doing photography "


"I've been doing photography for 4 years now, I specialize in Modeling, Maternity, Newborns , Birthday, Family and many more."


"My Biggest Accomplishments in photography would be meeting new people, being confident in my work more and stepping out of my shell and wanting to learn more and do better.My biggest regret would be there are times I don't feel confident in my work and the amount of stress it can bring." 

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