When Jasmine first contacted me about her portraits, I was so cursious as to why She wanted to do this particular theme and I really wanted to know why? Most of the clients I come in contact with either are celebrating a new life, family or their birthday. "I am a rape survivor after that happen I was dealing with a lot of self esteem issues, depression-". "I lost myself mentally and emotionally and physically. It has taken me so long to love and like myself again. At age 27 I decided to let go and let God! I also wanted to celebrate my running medals and finally loving myself again! "

I was in awe because her courage to want to do a portrait session that is not only outside of her comfort zone but also celebrating something so meaningful to her. But I was honored that she decided to entrust me with her vision.

“29 For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him,”

Her message,

"My pain has a purpose, for each mile I have endurance I have encountered hardship. I never knew my first mile would turned into 26.2 miles full of joy, tears, and happiness. On and off the course, my personal life suffered with depression and guilt. 3 years ago I was sexual assaulted and I put myself in a shell to where I never wanted to open up or be around other people. Questioning the work of God and not understanding the path he was taking me on. This photoshoot represent peace, love, and happiness. Through the trials and tribulations I have endurance not knowing that God was putting me through a master class for my life. God cleared the path so I could run the race that’s set before me. Running has help me to get closer to God and take life one day at a time. 

I am constantly celebrating how Beautifully Flawed I am! I decided to get up and stand up because I am not a prisoner of my past anymore!

Your painful past can open doors to a hopeful future."

  • Jasmine

My message,

When I first met her she had a smile that lit of my entire studio and beauty that was not questionable. She told me she was nervous but as soon as she stepped in front of my camera I seen every insecurity, low self-esteem, chains and anything that was holding her back had fallen off. You couldn't tell me this strong, black, beautiful woman had endured what she had. Through out this session I learned about her marathons that she had won and so much more. I pray more women who have been through what she has, learn to love their self and also find confidence and courage in her portraits and message. Thank you Jasmine!


Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Jasmine decided to do her portraits with her medals and also in sunflowers.