Photography Kit: For Artificial Light Photographers

Off camera flashes and outdoor strobes are the style within the photography community. Most people know me for using Artificial lighting to get the look I post with 98% of my portraits. I've put together a photography kit for Artificial and Natural light photographers. This is the perfect Photography Starter Kit: For Artificial Light Photographers:

All about the Photography Starter Kit

  1. Neewer Vision 4: This outdoor strobe is great for indoor photography also, not only that but it's affordable and its beginner friendly. This was one of my first outdoor strobes and I owed two of them for two years until I sold them to invest in new equipment. I wouldn't suggest this strobe if your looking for a light that support High Speed Sync. Also, keep in mind that even if you have a light that support HSS if your camera doesn't support it, it won't work.
  2. Godox Ad200: This is one of my favorites from the Godox collection! Not only is it small and easy to carry around but it's bright, the recycle is fast and it supports high speed sync.
  3. Godox Soft box: Any Godox soft box is a must have, primarily because it's affordable and it gets the job done just like a $80 soft box. I'd say if your going to purchase these, please make sure to purchase weights to hold down your light stand (if you don't have an assistant) because if you happen to shoot on a windy day and it falls, yeah that sums it up. I've broken three of these guys because of the wind.
  4. Nikon 50 mm 1.8: (if you don't own a Nikon look for 50 mm in your brand): As suggested in my other photography Starter Kit, this bad boy gets the job done and it's affordable.
  5. C-Stand: These stands aren't your regular stands, it's more sturdy and it's good with weight. The stands I started out with was so flimsy and not good with heavy weight. Though these stands are on the expensive side, these are a must have for longevity and for it's durability.
  6. Godox Beauty Dish 35'': I've finally added this baby to my list and I love it! The inside is made out of metal, it comes with different changeable covers. Though It has some weight to it and it's fairly expensive, it spreads light so evenly and beautiful.
  7. Godox Ad600 BM: This bad boy is HEAVY but it's a must have. Not only does it support HSS but it also has a continuous light setting which is perfect to use with indoor photography. This is a very expensive light but it's amazing just like the Ad200.

Being an Artificial Light photographer is a little more expensive than just a natural light photographer but it's worth investing into when you have a certain look that you're aiming for. If your interested in purchase this kit or anything from this click just click on the image and it will direct you to the right link.