Photography Starter Kit: Natural Light Photographers

When I first started with photography I was a 'natural light' photographer, I used natural light such as the sun to provide me with my light source. Besides using the sun as a light source I had to learn how to photograph in Manual Mode. There are still times where I am forced to use just natural light and that's okay with me because Natural light was my first go to style. I'll tell any photographer to learn natural light first and then go tackle off camera flashes and artificial light.

Here, I've created my very own personal Photography Starter Kit for Natural Light Photographers.

About the Natural Light Photography Kit:

  1. Gold, Black, Silver and White reflectors: This is one of my very first photography equipment that I had purchased. This allows light to fall on areas of the subject that you want. Reflectors also provide amazing color effects and allows the photographer to be more in control of where the natural light falls.
  2. 50-mm 1.8 for Nikon and 50-mm 1.4 for Canon: The nifty-fifthy is my favorite lens of all time. First of all, the low aperture allows more light to come in and also gives your background that bokeh effect. Not to mention that this is an affordable lens that's extremely sharp!
  3. The camera bag: There's nothing like an affordable camera bag where you can store your equipment. I'd refer this bag to any photographer, not just a natural light photographer!
  4. San-disk Ultra 128: Many videographers use this memory card but it is awesome for photographers because of the amount of storage that's available. You're going to need a lot of storage when photographing in RAW, this is a must format to shoot in especially for natural light photographers. This allows you to have control of your colors and image when you go in to edit it.
  5. Black & White V-flat: If your a natural light photographer that wants to switch to indoor photography but you still want to shoot with natural light...a LARGE window and this V-flat will get the job done. It's a must have.

Are you ready to purchase your kit? Yay! Of course I tell all of my photographer friends to do their own research and read reviews, all you have to do is click the above images and it will direct you to the proper link!