How much do you charge for portraits?

How much I charge is based off of the package the client chooses and the add ons they add to their package, Prices and Information can be view on the 'Investment' Tab.

Where are you located?

My studio is located in South West Georgia in Fitzgerald. I currently serve the Valdosta area also.

Do you travel?

Yes, I travel throughout Georgia currently. I hope to travel to other cities and states.

When can I expect my portraits back?

Our normal turn around is 7-14 business days, depending on your package and additional portraits. If you orders additional portraits, there's an additional 7-14 business days turn around.

are prints included in my package?

Prints aren't included in your package but we offer our printing online store for each of our clients to order their prints there!

how many people are allowed in each session?

Kamia Portraits Studio has a limit of 4 people. More than 4 people we as our clients who want studio sessions to provide the location.

What If I don't like the way I look in my portraits?

That's okay, we work closely with each of our clients and on their imperfections through process and also help them be confident and build their self-esteem.

What's your refund policy?

Kamia Portraits does not offer any refunds of any kind UNLESS Kamia Portraits is at fault for the refunding or rescheduling of any client. We do not offer refunds only reschedules.


We completely understand! If you don't want your portraits posted via social media, there is a $50 holding fee. All photographs are copyrighted and owned by Kamia Portraits so we use these photographs in promotional, marketing material and also to put in our portfolio so we do ask for a holding fee for this request.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking your session, to avoid requesting a hold after they've been submitted in our online portfolios.

I need a print release form, what do I do?

To get a print release form, please email us at kamiaportraits@gmail.com There is a fee of $20 for this form or you can order through us.

Who all can I bring with me during my session?

We allow our clients to bring one additional person with them during their session.

What If I'm late?

We do not charge a late fee. We have set times for each client, we start our timer when your session is suppose to start and it will go off when it's time to end. What ever time you have remaining on the timer is the time that we shoot.

We do not push back time or push up time unless we direct it.


Your remaining balance is due no later than a day before your session, our systems will send our reminders and cancelations if a payment isn't received in the order or time that it is suppose to. Your session will be rescheduled if the remaining balance isn't paid before then.


We're so excited that you're interested in booking a session with us, if you've already booked a session we want to say Thank you for supporting us. Here are our Studio House Keeping Rules:

  1. We ask that only those who are being photographed come with you during your session, we do allow 1 additional person to come with those who have booked with us. (this rule is only in place because of limit sitting space)
  2. When you arrive to our studio you have the option to park on the grass, If you park in the drive way please make sure to pull as far as you can up so that others can pull in.
  3. If you arrive and there is a "In session" sign up, please remain in your car until we come out and get you .
  4. Please no horse playing in the studio, this includes children. We want our clients to come, have fun but be safe while doing so.
  5. Drinking and Smoking isn't allowed.
  6. Please do not touch photography equipment.
  7. There isn't a public rest room due to us photographing out of our she shed but we do allow our clients to have access to our home restroom and our home restroom only.
  8. Clients change in the studio and is allowed to lock the door behind them, Please make sure to unlock the door once you are done.
  9. Please be respectful to all other clients at the studio, the studio and the photographer. This is a family owned business and we treat each other like family!