We're so happy that your interested in booking your wedding day with us! It's our job to make sure that we capture every beautiful moment for you so that you can look back and remember the beauty of your wedding day.

Here is where we ask that all of our booking Brides & Grooms and those who are inquiring about booking us submit their questionnaire forms. We do have a minimum booking of at least two hours, we do not accept bookings for less than two hours. Please complete this form within it's entirety. Thank you so much!

-Kamia McWilliams

Getting ready portraits are done to capture the bride and groom preparing for their ceremony, this includes small details shots of their outfits and other things.

Please list any specific group photo lists you want here. Obviously it is your day, and I will do my best to get all the photos you want, but keep in mind that even with the best ushering in the world it can still take 4-5 minutes to find and arrange a group of people for a photo - so try keep the numbers of shots small - no more than 5 or 6 is ideal.

It's often super helpful if you can nominate an usher/friend/bridesmaid etc (or 2!) to help arrange and corral the people for the above photos and to help keep things as smooth and quick as possible on the day. Ideally someone in the bride/grooms party who knows most of the key people and someone happy o shout and organise people! Often I'll reach out to them before the wedding to say hello and make sure they've got a copy of a list of the images we need. If you could list the ideal candidate here and also

Anything else I might need to know - photos you specifically want? Portrait locations you would like to use? Family politics I might need to be aware of!? Anything at all...

We have payment options available, however we will not provide full services until the full amount has been paid.

These retainer fees are to secure the date and time you requested. We will not hold a date without a retainer fee being paid. This fee is non-refundable.